How Can Cooking Make Me Rich?

Posted on 3:00 PM by Andre

If you're a good cook and have some time to spare, then you can be making some easy money. I'm not talking about making a dish and selling it to a neighbor. No, you can use the power of the internet to get paid for cooking even when you're sleeping. There's a slight brain teaser.

Once you understand how you can make money on the internet, then you'll be one step closer to turning your hobby into wealth. Here are just a few ways you can make money cooking.
  • Start a cook blog or website. Show off your skills and recipes, while giving others useful tips, healthy guides, and a boost in their self-esteem when the in-laws turn green with envy. (Include PPC ads, related Amazon products, etc.)
  • Write and sell an Ebook about cooking. You can get very creative with this. There are many ways to profit even after a sale has been made. Learn how to write an Ebook first. Sell it on ClickBank, Amazon, or through PayPal. (Note: It's recommended that you have a website when using PayPal.)
  • Start a member's only Podcast with cooking tutorials. Show your audience exactly how it's done with high quality video tutorials. Learn more about Podcast before you begin.
You can also start a Catering business offline, but I excluded that from the list because of it's high start up cost. I know that not many people can afford that, especially in these troubled times. So, it's best to find ways to make money on the internet using skills that you have.

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