Can Myspace Help Me Make Money?

Posted on 9:00 AM by Andre

Myspace is one of the most popular websites of this decade, and will probably continue to thrive as such for many more years to come. I stopped counting how many people are on Myspace, but I'm sure it's close to half the world's population by now. ^_^

It's a great place to meet new friends, chat online, and share interesting things with each other. This is why it's called a social networking site. Because of it's enormous user database, many internet marketers have jumped at the chance to profit from this ever growing market. But, there are other ways to make money with Myspace besides competing for the highest ranking ads spaces.

Here are just a few easy ways to do it.
  • Advertise using Myspace Classifieds - Similar to classified ads that you put in the newspaper, but unlike the newspaper, there is an infinite amount of ads that can be posted. Use this method to advertise affiliate products, services, or your own business(online or offline).
  • Build a List using Myspace Groups - Use this feature to not only promote your products and services, but also build an active list of potential customers who can easily interact with other members of the list.
  • Use the Browse Friends feature to find your target audience and connect with them. Depending on how you intend to make money with Myspace, you may find it more useful to contact potential customers one by one and network with them.
Now, of course, there are some rules you MUST follow when you're using Myspace to make money. I'll discuss these below so you don't unknowingly destroy your reputation and your chances at being successful.
  1. Never send a link to someone if they haven't agreed to receive it. This is called spamming, and Myspace is quick to block any link in any message that's reported as spam. To avoid this, chat with the person first and lead the conversation until they request the link. Then you send it.
  2. Myspace is NOT a Newsletter platform. Do not send promotional materials to anyone's inbox. Notices are fine, but no promoting.
  3. Don't clog your profile with links. One or two is fine. If you do post too many links, then be prepared to have them blocked by Myspace.
  4. Keep your Classified Ads short and to the point. Nobody likes to read a long ad. Use numbered/bullet style lists to point out key features and benefits of your product or service. An small introductory paragraph is also useful.
These are just a few ways to make money on Myspace. As you begin to use it for this purpose, your creativity will begin to shine and you'll find even more ways to get the job done

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