How To Get Rich With Pay Per Click

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Pay Per Click programs are an easy way to make money online. Unfortunately, many people are unable to earn a decent amount of income with ppc. The problem is that most people just don't know how to use PPC effectively. Here are just a few key points that most publishers mess up on.
  • Lack of ad variety - Don't make the mistake of thinking that content based ad units are the best ones. Experiment with link units and image ads. You will find that each are equally profitable
  • Lack of proper ad positioning - Contrary to popular belief, having your ads in the sidebar is not always the most effective position. Depending on the ad, it could perform great next to videos, below images and menus, or inline with the content of the site.
  • Lack of sufficient traffic - Let's face it. You could have all the right ads in the right places, but if you don't get enough people to your site then your efforts are futile. To make money with pay per click, you will need to get traffic to your site...and lots of it.
  • Lack of quality content - Let's say you have the right ads in the right places and you're getting decent traffic to your site, this still is not enough if you don't have quality content. Advertisers are looking to place their ads on valuable sites with lots of traffic, and most ppc programs will only give the good paying ads to sites with quality content. "Content is King" is a popular saying in the internet marketing community and has everything to do with being successful online.
Another key mistake that most publishers make is relying on one pay per click program to generate income. There are tons of good programs out there that pays equally well as Google Adsense, if not better. Here are just a few of these ppc programs.
So let's recap exactly how to get rich with pay per click.
  1. Use as many ad varieties as possible.
  2. Position each ad appropriately. Ensure they are visible, yet blends into the page.
  3. Get a lot of traffic to your site. This increases your Click Through Rate (CTR).
  4. Write quality content on your website. Be sure to target specific keywords.
  5. Use multiple pay per click programs. Experiment to see which is the most profitable.
That's all there is to it! Don't waste your money buying expensive "babble" eBooks, as I like to call them, that only gives you these 5 tips, but extended into 300 pages.

Which PPC program(s) do you use? If any, what strategies do you use to optimize performance? Feel free to share a link or two in the comments below.

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