Design and Sell T-Shirts With Custom Ink

Posted on 12:00 PM by Andre

Selling T-Shirts online is one of the most popular ways to make money on the internet. It is especially useful for people who wish to retire from work and is seeking an easy way to earn extra income.

There are many awesome tools available around the net that allows you to design and sell T-Shirts. However, none of them is as easy to use and as cost effective as Custom Ink.

Custom Ink features an online design tool that you can use to create custom T-Shirts, hats, coffee mugs, office supplies, etc. With free shipping and no hidden fees, you can place orders for both you and a client. Here's how you can make money designing and selling with Custom Ink.
  • Design a collection of T-Shirts people would like to buy.
  • Create a website or online store with your T-Shirts.
  • Sell the items on your site, and order them on Custom Ink.
  • Ensure that the items are delivered to the customer.
You could also use websites like CafePress to set up a online store to sell your T-Shirts. I'm not very good at designing T-Shirts, but I was able to do a pretty good job with the Hobby 2 Wealth T-Shirt you see above. Custom Ink makes it so easy that anyone can do it. Give it a try and see if it's right for you.

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