Make Money Playing Basketball

Posted on 3:00 PM by Andre

If you think the only way to make money playing basketball is to get signed in the NBA, then someone must have lied to you. There are thousands of people around the world who are skilled basketball players, but did not make it to the NBA. Many of them simply gave up hope, but a select few merged creativity with skills on the court and made a fortune. In this post I'll discuss a few ways you can turn this hobby into wealth.

Assuming you know how to play basketball, you can do many things to profit from your skills. For example, you can become an instructor at a local school, or organize your own basketball training club in your area. However, the problem with these is that to become an instructor at a school, you will have to meet other requirements and to start your own club would cost a lot of money.

Despite this, there is a much more cost effective way to profit from your skills. This can be done through the internet. That's right! You can use your basketball skills to make money on the internet. You can do this in two ways.
  1. Write an E-Book on "How To Play Basketball" or something more interesting like "Top 50 Basketball Stunts". In this E-Book, you can provide pictures and/or illustrations to help the reader comprehend what is being said. You can then sell your E-Book on Amazon or via PayPal. Although this method works well, it still has it's faults. Not everyone wants to read. To solve this, you would have to resort to using method two.
  2. Provide Video Tutorials on how to play basketball and perform cool stunts. More and more people are watching videos on the internet, and for tutorial products, they normally expect to watch videos. This will also benefit you as you don't have to sit down for hours typing an E-Book. You just turn on your camera and begin the demonstration. Another benefit of using video is that you can better engage with your viewers in ways that's impossible with text.
Don't let your skills sit in the closet while you hope to make it to the NBA. Use your talents and creativity to get paid. Just remember, you can always turn your hobby into wealth.

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